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Audio Tekne products have received spectacular reviews in Italy, the cradle of music.

March 1995

The Italian opera magazine l’opera introduced us under the headline “Art of Sound.

November 1995

Italian audio magazine Fedelta del Suono stated that our audio accessories bring meaningful content and should not be assessed with haste.

November 1996

Italian magazine Fedelta del Suono announced that the “time of playing with sound is over,” appreciating the natural sound of our products, and publishing the impressive results of our AC line transformer and pre-amplifier audition.

April 1997

An Italian audio magazine SOUND journalist who bought our IT-1 pre-amp and IT-2 amp gave us a favourable review.

April 1997

Italian audio magazine S.T.E.R.E.O praised our audio system.

September 1997

Deeply moved by the sound of our products, SOUND published an interview conducted with Mr. Imai during a visit to Italy.

April 1998Fedelta del Suono referred to our audio presentation’s popularity in Chieti, Italy.February 1999

Italian fashion magazine AMICA appreciated the exceptional value of our products.