High Efficient Floorstanding Loudspeaker Roundup 2017 AXPONA

James Larson (Audioholics)"With respect to some of the other vintage-styled speakers in this section of our AXPONA coverage, the Natural Sound 1 loudspeakers is both a bit more modern and also a bit more vintage in that it emulates a loudspeaker technology that is considerably older than other designs in this article. The simple and clean cabinetry with its beveled edges and woofer grille flush with the cabinet give the Natural Sound 1 speakers a more modern air than the other speakers listed here, yet still undeniably old-school in its basic design. However, the Natural Sound 1 really pays its tribute to the old school when we looked under the hood. The Natural Sound 1 uses field coil drivers, which is a loudspeaker transducer type rarely used nowadays. In field coil drivers, a copper coil with a direct current charge takes the place of the permanent magnet used in conventional drivers. Of course, these drivers have to be given DC voltage and so have to be plugged into a power source with a rectifier converting the AC source voltage. The early cinema and PA systems of the 1920s and 30s all used field coil drivers since the kind of permanent magnets used in modern drivers did not exist back then. Field coil drivers still have a small but devoted following who claim the sound is superior to that of permanent magnet speakers because it can follow the input signal with greater precision. Without getting into the debate of the supposed advantages of field coil drivers, I will simply say that I thought the Natural Sound 1 speakers sounded very good in my time listening to them. I would encourage anyone who has an opportunity to hear them not to pass up the chance to hear this unique blend of old and new speaker design."


December 4, 2016:

All you Audiophiles that belong to the Los Angeles & Orange County Audio Society, Natural Sound is pleased to be presenting a set of our revolutionary new Anti-vibration Boards as a prize in the Raffle at the Grand Holiday Gala! If your not a member follow link to join today.Make sure to get your tickets for this event soon as they will sell out!


October 16, 2016:

We're just home from the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. We have a great time! Our friends at Part Time Audiophile really enjoyed our room.Click the link below to read what they thought of products.


Some kind words from our friends at: Audio Science Review!

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LA Audio Show 2017: Natural Sound tweaks already-stunning loudspeakers

John Stancavage (Part-time audiophile)

"It was just a year ago at T.H.E. Show in Newport that I stumbled across Natural Sound EU.

I was squeezing through a crowded hallway when I saw a sign with a name I was unfamiliar with. I peeked inside the small hotel room and saw a pair of large-woofer/horn-tweeter speakers sparkling in the sunlight coming through a window. The blond woods finish was incredibly beautiful.Come in, a gentleman said with a thick accent. We are Natural Sound EU.I learned the company was formed in 2014 in Slovenia, and those speakers sported apple veneer from that country which had been given 30 coats of lacquer.As much as the woodwork knocked me out, the sound coming from what the host said were called Natural Sound 1s, was big, bold and emotional. In fact, they sounded a lot like a pair of vintage Altec Valencias Id heard recently, except with some modern-day audiophile attributes.Like I said, that was 12 months ago. A lot has happened to Natural Sound since then.This year at the Los Angeles Audio Show, Natural Sound had a spacious ground-floor suite run by its American operation, Natural Sound US. Domestic owner Steve Ozelton, a partner of the man I met last year, just opened a factory in Gardena, Calif., and has become the N.A. distributor for Audio Tekne tube gear.We are making Natural Sound 1s here and have established a showroom in Marina Del Ray, Ozelton told me.Along with setting up US operations, Natural Sound also has spent some time tweaking the Natural Sound 1s ($45,000 a pair). When I saw the speaker last year, the horn tweeter was conventionally mounted on the front of the cabinet. It now is located halfway out of the top.Its the same compression tweeter, Ozelton explained. It is so beautiful, we thought, Why not try mounting it where people could see it? And, when we did, it opened up the sound.I would agree with him. I thought the original Natural Sound 1s performed very well, but the tweeter move has added an extra degree of air to the high frequencies. Combined with the powerful 15-inch woofer, the speaker now has even more impressive balance and dynamic range.Also notable is that both the tweeter and woofer are field-coil designs. This strategy uses DC-powered magnets rather than the permanent variety. Proponents believe field coils, although expensive, reduce distortion and control drivers better.In my demo, the Natural Sound 1s proved equally adept at making a stunning, harmonically rich sound on a pulsing rock track, Too Much Information by the Police, as well as a serene modern-classical piece, The Waves, by Max Richter.Both tracks were played on vinyl courtesy of a Vertere Acoustics MG-1 turntable outfitted with a Koetsu Urushi Vermillion MC cartridge.The front end also included a trio of components from Audio Tekne: a TFM 1430 amplifier ($20,000), a TFA 8695 preamp ($30,000) and a TEA 2000 phono stage ($12,000).The 1430 amp, by the way, produces a glorious 8 watts of tube power per channel.The Natural Sound 1s have a sensitivity of 97 decibels, Ozelton said, They can play on 6 watts.Natural Sounds success at honing its statement loudspeakers only serves to whet my appetite for what the group might come up with next. I may not have to wait long.Now that weve established these big boys, were working on a line of less-expensive, open-baffle speakers, Ozelton disclosed.Sounds like a natural evolution for a company worth following.


Steve Ozelton

RMAF 2016: Natural Sound Comes to America

John Stancavage (Part-time audiophile)

"One of my biggest pleasant surprises of Junes T.H.E. Show in Newport was the discovery of Natural Sound Europe. The Slovenian company announced its presence on these shores with a jazz-trumpet blast from two very imposing  and drop-dead gorgeous  speakers.The brand was back at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, bravely lugging the aforementioned transducers, called the Natural Sound 1, all the way up to the fourth floor of the Marriott Denver Tech Center. And the sound coming out of them remained as intoxicating as the hotels downstairs bar.The Natural Sound 1 ($45,000 a pair) seems to be part of a mini-trend in high-end audio of getting back to large-woofer/horn tweeter designs. The Slovenian speakers feature a 15-inch woofer and a compression tweeter. That combination produces a frequency range of 30-25,000 Hz. Sensitivity is a tube-friendly 97 decibels.The pair in Denver was made in Slovenia, with the cabinets crafted from a local apple veneer. The 30 coats of hand-rubbed lacquer produce a deep gloss that makes the beautiful wood appear to be coated in glass.The emphasis on doing things the old-fashioned way extends to whats inside the cabinet. The Natural Sound 1 utilizes field-coil technology, which was developed in the early days of home audio. Instead of permanent magnets, the speakers use a plugged-in power supply to create a steady magnetic field for the voice-coil to operate in. (Other modern-day proponents of this approach include Shindo, Line Magnetic and Classic Audio Loudspeakers.)These hulking floorstanders were powered by a rig that included equipment from Japan-based Audio Tekne, including the TM 9801 stereo amplifier ($42,900), TFA-9501 preamp ($58,558) and TEA-2000 phono stage ($16,840).A demo of Sades Smooth Operator revealed the system to have remarkable clarity, midrange purity and heft. Bass was deep and full, Sades vocals were textured and free of sibilance issues and the percussion was crisp without being etched. Overall, like the speakers themselves, the rig projected a weight and dynamic impact that approached live performance.Audio enthusiasts may be seeing a lot more of Natural Sound. While at the Denver exhibit, I got the scoop that the company is establishing a North American operation. Steve Ozelton told me his new Natural Sound US has established a listening room in Marina Del Ray, California, and a factory is being set up in the state as well.Were going to start making all of our products over here, he said.Besides preparing to craft more Natural Sound 1s, Ozelton is working on a new line of open-baffle speakers that will probably be priced in the $10,000- to $15,000-a-pair range. They are scheduled to appear next year. In addition, he has designed some very attractive acoustic wall treatments ($12,000 for two large panels) and innovative vibration-absorbing equipment stands ($1,650). Natural Sound US also will import Audio Tekne gear.Along with aiding our nations balance of trade, Natural Sounds expansion into the U.S. promises to be a boon for audiophiles seeking  at least with the model 1s and AT tube gear  old-school high-fi. Definitely a company to watch."


T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach 2016: JV on Loudspeakers $20k and UpJonathan Valin:"The $45k horn-loaded Natural Sound 1 loudspeaker (from Natural Sound Europe), which uses Maxsonic field-coil drivers from Japan, was being driven by top-end Audio Tekne tube electronic from Imai-san, and sourced by a Vertere turntable and My Sonic Labs cartridge. On my Deano disc, the system was absolutely gorgeous and very detailed, a little dark in balance, like almost everything else, but still ravishingly beautiful with excellent bass. After hearing this system, I noted that horns are having the best of it at this show. And so they were. In passing, it is a very great pleasure to welcome Audio Teknes Imai-san, whose electronics I have long admired, back to the U.S. market."


T.H.E. Show at Newport Beach 2016: Julie Mullins on Electronics $20k and UpJulie Mullins (Absolute Sound) - five best sounding rooms:"Natural Sound 1 speakers with Audio Tekne electronicsThis system so surprised and delighted me that I felt compelled to include it here. Made in Slovenia, the Natural Sound 1 loudspeaker ($45k/pr.) is a two-way with a horn-loaded tweeter and a compression driver made in Japan by Maxsonic. Audio Tekne electronics, something of a cult brand in Japan, drove the speakers. (Incidentally Id also heard the manufacturers electronics sounding good at the ancillary Hifi Deluxe Show in Munich.) There was the flagship TFA-9591PCS preamp ($69k), which has no potentiometer so the backgrounds were exceptionally quiet, and a TM-9801 stereo amp ($49k) that features 6AS7G tubes and delivers 8Wpc in a push-pull configuration to offer powerful dynamics, especially bass control and a well-defined and very open top end. The phonostage was the TEA-2000 ($20k) mated with a Vertere turntable with a MySonicLab cartridge. A listen to If You Were the Only Girl from the excellent Dream with Dean Analogue Productions LP filled the room with three-dimensional sound that was full and round with fine delicacy of detail. The presentation was silky-smooth and effortless with great imaging on Deans close-miked, breathy baritone vibrato. This highly resolved and natural-sounding system also pulled off a disappearing act pretty convincingly."


T.H.E. Show Newport 2016: Can It Really Be This Good?Jason Victor Serinus (The Absolute Sound):"Was it really possible that so many excellent sounding rooms, both large and small, could be located on a single floor? To someone who does not bullshit about what he hears or wishes he could have heard, and who has covered more rooms at more shows than your great-grandfather has wrinkles on his face, such seemed to be the impossible-but-true case as floor 2 yielded another first-time revelation: Natural Sound Europe from Slovenia.Natural Sound Europe's sonic presentation was very clear and detailed, and the bass great on an excerpt from Stravinsky's Firebird. A request for opera yielded, of all things wonderful and strange, Montserrat Caballé and Freddy Mercury performing "Barcelona." Hoping that you are not tiring of my frequent superlatives, "totally fabulous" is what I wrote in my notes. Might I add that I also heard beautiful layering on a track from Paul Simon? This system conveyed voices so well that my only disappointment was that I had to keep coaxing the presenters to turn the volume up, up, and up. After all, symphony orchestras and opera singers do not whisper their way through fortes.Heard: Natural Sound Europe's TFA-9501 preamp ($69,000), TM-9801 8Wpc 6AS7G tube amp ($49,000), TEA-2000 push-pull phono preamp ($20,000), and Model 1 97dB-sensitive, 8 ohm stable loudspeaker ($45,000/pair) with field-coil drivers. Also in the system: Audio-Technica cabling and a Vertere Acoustics turntable with Koetsu Coral Stone cartridge. Heard in my head: Once these folks have enough dealers in the US, their equipment cries out for a review from Art Dudley. [Fine by me!AD]"Read moreT.H.E. Show Newport 2016: Natural Sound brings gorgeous speakers all the way from SloveniaJohn Stancavage (Part-time audiophile):"Newport 2016: Natural Sound brings gorgeous speakers all the way from SloveniaMelania Trump isnt the only Slovenian export drawing attention this year. It turns out the country also is home to a high-end firm that makes speakers so beautiful they could share the runway with real estate mogul/politician Donald Trumps ex-model wife.Meeting a heavily-accented rep from the business, called Natural Sound Europe, in Newport was one of my pleasant surprises of T.H.E. Show. Natural Sound was fresh off well-reviewed appearances at events in Munich and Warsaw, and continued to turn heads and grab ears on these shores.The company was highlighting its Natural Sound 1 speakers ($45,000 a pair), a hefty floorstander. (Just looking at them made me want to say strong … like bull in my best Slovenian growl.)Interestingly, these transducers use field-coil technology. For the uninitiated, field-coil drivers rely on a plugged-in power supply to create a steady magnetic field for the voice coil to operate in. Its an older technology (most modern speakers use unpowered permanent magnets), but one that still has some proponents, such as Shindo, Line Magnetic and Classic Audio Loudspeakers.The Natural Sound 1 also features a 15-inch woofer and a compression tweeter. Sensitivity is 97 decibels and the frequency range is 30-25,000 Hz. On top of all that, the cabinets sported some of the most spectacular woodwork Ive ever seen in any loudspeaker.Theyre hand-made in Slovenia, the rep told me. We use all local wood. They are finished with 30 coats of lacquer.I tried a few test tracks and was absolutely knocked out by the sound. Bass was deep and taut, dynamic range seemed extremely wide and highs were detailed while remaining smooth. The midrange was a bit recessed, which gave the speakers a slightly dark quality, but that only worked to draw you into the music and added to their sense of ease. For fans of vintage Altec Valencias, especially, the Natural Sound 1 could be a dream come true.Natural Sound was driving the speakers with electronics from Audio Tekne, including the TM 9801 stereo amplifier ($50,000), TFA-9501 preamp ($50,000) and TEA-2000 phono stage ($20,000). Also in the system was a Vertere Acoustics turntable and an MSB Technology universal player.parttimeaudiophile.com/2016/07/25/newport-2016-natural-sound-brings-gorgeous-speakers-all-the-way-from-slovenia/Im not going to get into the discussion about Melania Trump and her husband as potential occupiers of the White House. (This isnt Part-Time Politics, after all). But if you are interested in boosting Slovenian imports at your house, you might want to join Natural Sounds grassroots"


June 9,2016:

We just got back from The S.H.O.W. Newport High-end Home Audio Show, and wow was it amazing. >Check out this great review:


And here's a review from The Newport Show:


Interesting pictures and short read about Audio Tekne Amplifiers:


NATURAL SOUND at the Warsaw Audio Show 2017:

Ive been hunting down these distinctive Natural Sound speakers for some time, after hearing them last year at the show and then not being able to find out more about them. The pair on show were the Samurai, and to me they are some of the most beautiful looking and sounding that I have encountered…if we didnt have our beloved Avantgarde Acoustic Duo XDs, Id be seriously considering a pair of these. What really makes them special is the air motion tweeter in a horn, I like them a lot…And then to the other Natural Sound Skybox which featured these, pretty unusual huge Soulsonic speakers, you cant really see but they feature a ribbon tweeter down the edge. Again stunning sounding.


The Miro Krajnc creation being demoed in Warsaw was the Natural Sound Samurai, which looks quite a bit different from the SoulSonic Hologramm-X but shares some design traits and achieves similarly impressive performance. Again, a 12 paper-cone midrange is used, sharing the trapezoidal base with an 18 woofer. The top section  holds a 23cm-high air-motion transformer (AMT) tweeter, similar to those found in speakers from GoldenEar Technology, MartinLogan, and others, but much taller. Its mounted in a wooden horn to increase efficiency; the sensitivity of the speaker is rated at 94dB. The Samurai is built in two locations, depending on which markets are being served: Poland and United States (Los Angeles, California).


"Next door we listened to Japanese Audio Tekne electronics and Natural Sound Samurai speakers from Slovenia. These 3-ways have crossover points at 200 and 2'500Hz and cover 25Hz-20kHz with an efficiency of 94dB. This is accomplished with a 23cm AMT tweeter loaded with a horn; mid frequencies in the hands of a 12" paper cone; and the bottom end from an 18" woofer in a bass reflex box. The model TEA 2000 was Audio Tekne's phono stage and the TFM 2000 an 8wpc integrated push-pull design with 6AS7G tubes. Turntable on duty was a Vertere MG-1 with SG-1 arm. With us being so early that we had the room to ourselves, the sound quality was fantastic: clean, open, dynamic and with a deep soundstage. Width was not at par with the rest, possibly due to close wall proximity relative to the horn flare. Maybe a stronger toe-in would have helped? But that also would have limited the listening area to one or two seats. Anyway, a good start for a show day."


NATURAL SOUND at the Warsaw Audio Show 2016:






My Hiend
NATURAL SOUND at the Warsaw Audio Show 2018:

STAR ROOM - Natural Sound

Natural Sound to make the simply stunning Samurai speakers. What sets the Samurai apart is the ribbon tweeter sat within a horn.  This just does something wonderful to the sound and music sounds incredibly natural and easy to listen to. This was one of my favourite rooms last year and the Samurai are on my list of speakers that I would like to own."

Linette Smith - HiFi Pig

Here we have a Vertere SG-1 Standard Groove record player, Audio Tekne TFM2000 integrated amplifier and Audio Tekne TEA2000 phonostage going into Natural Sound Samurai loudspeakers. These are wonderful looking loudspeakers (youll see how they got their name) that are 94dB efficient. Driver compliment is a 23cm tall air motion transformer tweeter working in a proprietary horn, a 123 midrange with a lightweight paper cone all partnered with an 83 woofer working in a bass reflex arrangement that is tuned to 25 Hz. The finish on these speakers is breathtaking and the sound of this system was spectacular to boot. Audio Tekne amps are handmade Japanese exotica and this is only the second time I`ve had the pleasure of hearing them, on neither occasion was I disappointed.

The bigger speakers are the SoulSonic Hologramm-X and these were being fed with an MSB Select DAC,  Audio Tekne TFA8675 and  Audio Tekne Yamato monoblocs. Speaker cable for both systems was the new Tellurium Q Statement.

This is high-end audio for true connoisseurs of musical reproduction.

My views on the room were that it was incredibly natural sound that was hypnotising with its purity of sound. Imaging was fantastic and the level of fine detail in the music was extraordinary.

Stuart Smith - HiFi Pig